Sunday, 23 February 2014

Semi Permanent Mascara? It must be Crybaby.....

What is Crybaby Semi Permanent Mascara?

Crybaby Semi Permanent Mascara is a half hour treatment application to offer your clients. The effect of which is eyelashes that look and feel just like they have mascara applied. This ‘look’ lasts for a good two weeks.

What if I already offer eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are fabulous – when applied professionally, with good products – and you can create a fantastic look when you apply Crybaby Semi Permanent Mascara to your client’s lower lashes with eyelash extensions on the upper lashes.

It is not an ‘either/ or’ option. You can offer both services successfully. Especially if you focus on eyelashes / make up / nail extensions. However, Crybaby Semi Permanent Mascara also attracts its own, different and new clients from eyelash extensions too. I, for example, would not opt for eyelash extensions, it is not my style, but I love the Crybaby Mascara look. I like to wear mascara, but with a 2 year old and a busy professional life, what used to be my make-up application time is now my sitting having breakfast with my daughter time, and it is enough if I remember to change out my slippers as we leave to crèche/work in the morning, let alone stop to apply mascara. With the application of the Crybaby Semi Permanent Mascara it is just there - on when I wake up! 

What type of salon/ spa / therapist would this treatment best suit?

All !!! If you are in an area with many seasonal clients this treatment offers you a successful treatment opportunity, it is ideal for holiday makers, that will have them rebooking with you year after year on their return. Going to beach, lazing by the pool, sweltering in the sun and in and out the water - advertise the application of the original smear-proof mascara, professionally applied, a promise of beautiful lashes with no ‘panda eyes’.

Crybaby Mascara is great for regular use by sports people, water lovers and busy mums. Gym bunnies, glasses / contact lens wearers…. Anyone who wears mascara.

If your treatment menu offers eyelash tinting and eyebrow shaping, upsell to add a Crybaby Semi Permanent Mascara application, market this product and watch the enquiries come in.

You can easily work mobile with this product, your kit is all in a beautifully presented bag and for those who want to offers a fantastic opportunity to offer the treatment from spas/ salons across the Algarve as a freelancer.

How much does it cost and how long does it take to apply?

This is a quick treatment to offer…it’s an easy, 30 minute application, and the charge should be between 35€ – 40€, of course if you are in a high market area or a Spa where general prices are more then by all means charge more – know your market.

How does it come off?

It is really easy and quick to remove professionally, and I would recommend the client comes back to me for removal, because it is such an easy removal I would include it in the cost – it also stops them picking off the remains!!! And they may well book something else to have at the same time as the removal!
If the clients are off, back to their home countries, advise them that they will notice the Crybaby Semi Permanent Mascara gradually start to crumble and wear off after 2 weeks. If they find a technician where they live they can have it removed, otherwise they can purchase a specially designed, and very lovely, high quality, Crybaby home use Mascara, for application over the top until the last has worn away naturally.

Who can attend the training at Estetica para Profissionais?

If you are a make-up artist used to applying mascara on others, or an eyelash technician for eyelash tinting or eyelash extensions you can attend the training. I would not recommend this training for someone with no experience working around the eyes.

What do the training costs include?

Training costs include a full salon kit that will keep you going and going in a beautifully presented bag, with the machine for drying the product, all the tools and products for the application and marketing posters, promotional leaflets and after care advice leaflets, as well as a window sticker and of course your training, certificate and our ongoing support. The costs of the course and kit are earned back quickly.
After the training day we ask therapists to practise 5x immediately after training for confidence development, if therapists are local we ask them to practise in our student treatment room, if not local we ask them to send pictures of their treatments via email.

Not many people offer this treatment, so if you choose to market it well you could do very well for yourself!

Training at the Algarve Beauty School - Estetica para Profissionais is on the afternoon of Wednesday 5th of March.  To get more details and/or book, contact or call 00351 282 762606.

To book training at your salon or Spa – ask for a quote.

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