Wednesday, 8 January 2014

New Year, New Inspirations!

At Estetica para Profissionais (EpP), we have set ourselves a New Year’s resolution – to bring to you some of the most inspirational people within the beauty industry from here in the Algarve as well as further afield.

This resolution came about when Naomi, Director of EpP - the Algarve Beauty School, observed “the classic thing I hear many people doing is comparing themselves negatively to other people…by all means look at other people but look for inspiration. Find traits you like and enjoy and be inspired.” 

As such once every month, the Algarve Beauty Blog will be questioning key people we believe to be inspirational, kicking off with Sarah Bruton, owner of Innovation Health & Beauty in Ferragudo and employed by EpP, Algarve Beauty School as the ONLY Jessica Sales Representative within Portugal:

Name:  Sarah Bruton

What qualification(s) do you have:   ITEC Aesthetics, ITEC Physiatrics

Where did you study?   East Berkshire College, Berkshire

What did you most enjoy about studying and what did you find most challenging?

I enjoyed the theory side of learning my profession, especially biology  -  I never realised how interesting the human body was until I started my Beauty Therapy course.  I found Latin challenging as spelling mistakes were not accepted! Also the acceptance of the human body -  you no longer look at a person as a whole picture, you focus on the parts you are working on.  It’s no longer a whole face it’s a beautifully natural shaped eyebrow.  You work on enhancing the best features someone has.

What is your current job role and where do you work?

I have my own Beauty Therapy business in Portugal [Innovation Health & Beauty] - I have a small salon and also work on a mobile basis as well.   I also am a sales representative for a Professional Nail Products range [Jessica Nails].  

What do you find rewarding about your current job and what do you find challenging about it?

I find the fact that I make people feel good about themselves very rewarding.  People come to you if they have a problem with their skin, weight, nails or are in need of relaxation. I can help with all of these things with either a treatment or even just by recommending things that they can use to correct their problem.

Dealing with the public can always be challenging however given that the beauty field is doing something that makes people feel good about themselves and makes them happy, it is far less challenging than in other sectors.

      What are your next steps in your career development and where would you like to see yourself in the future?

I enjoy my current profession it can be challenging on my body as I have been doing it for around 16 years now but I enjoy the fact I constantly meet new people and also see others on a regular basis.

I enjoy the Sale Representative job [for Jessica Nails] which I do alongside, and in conjunction with, my business I find it constantly challenging.

What do you think makes a good beauty therapist?

To listen, to be knowledgeable, to make people feel comfortable in your working environment and know you are only as good as your last client.

What do you think makes a good Spa or Salon?

Ambiance, attention to detail, warmth and a calm atmosphere  are key.

What is your favourite product range?


What is your favourite treatment to have and give?

I have each treatment depending on how I feel and as to what will make me happy. With regards to giving treatments, I do not have a favourite as I enjoy variety in my working week.

 Beauty Therapy is one of the happiest sectors to work in according to City and Guilds, would you agree?

Definitely!!!  I love it!

Please tell us about someone who has inspired you and why? – can be in the industry or not.

My mum! She never gives up, always strives to be better and most importantly always listens to me when necessary and never pushes her opinion on to me BUT always tries to help me whenever she can.

We hope you have enjoyed reading what we believe makes Sarah and inspirational figure within the beauty industry.  If you would like to visit Sarah's salon, her salon is Innovation Health & Beauty tel:  282 353 132/Mob: 965638671.  And if you would like to contact Sarah with regards to the Jessica Nails range now available to purchase within Portugal, please email her on or contact the Algarve Beauty School directly where 
Naomi will also be happy to help.  Telephone 00351 282762606 or visit Estetica para Profissionais, 
Rua Salgueiro Maia 29A, 8600-620, Lagos.

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