Friday, 24 January 2014

Pinda Massage - The Ultimate Detox!

With many people undergoing their ‘January detox’, Pinda massage has become a hot-topic in assisting an integrated detox and relax.  Not just for the new year, the Pinda massage is a fantastic post-massage treatment that provides multiple benefits all year round, making it a valuable skill (and additional revenue source) for therapists to offer clients.

Having originated in Thailand within between 14th–18th centuries when Ayutthaya was established, Pinda or Poultice massage has since been used in eastern medicine – being used specifically on soldiers returning home with painful muscles. 

Ancient cultures use the earth's herbs and spices, not only to cleanse, nourish and enhance the body’s physical ability but also to also tone the skin as well as to treat both Vata and Kapha disorders of which are naturally cold doshas.  Consequently a pinda (bolus/ball) massage involves the use of plant pouches - medicinal pillows made from cotton or linen and filled with aromatic mixture of plants, roots, blossoms, exotic fruits, Mediterranean salt and buckwheat, chosen for their stimulating and relaxing properties. Depending on what the client wants to achieve, blends for filling the cotton/linen can be customised accordingly, e.g; relaxing blends use meadow flowers and herbal plants whilst revitalising blends contain a mix of herbs, and captivating blends include a mix of camomile, calendula and lavender.

With a invirogating massage technique applying gentle movements, the pinda is warmed opening the body’s pores allowing the medicinal heat to the muscles which along with the pinda massage oil provide scent, touch and decompressions of contained energy that create a deep sense of relaxation, rejuvenation, peace and harmony and general balancing of inner energy.
Consequently the pinda neutralises negative energy that is often the source of health issues. Recovery is encouraged due to stress decreasing, internal energy re-balancing; and unwanted symptoms being eliminated. During the massage, harmful sedimentary substances are expelled from the body, since the specially concocted healing plant mixture is both absorbed through the skin as well as inhaled through the nose. The massage is fantastic for improving blood circulation, lymph circulation and the metabolism, as well as relieving tension in tight muscles and rebalancing abnormal sleep or eating patterns. It is also an incredible treatment for beautifying the skin, enhancing circulation and drawing fresh energy to the skin’s surface.  The ultimate detox for both spiritual and physical harmony?  It would seem so!
Estetica para Profissionais rate Pinda massage so highly that we are holding a one day workshop for trained massage therapists only.  Costing EUR 100, the workshop will be held on the 2nd February, (for those wishing to be taught in English), and the 3rd February, (for those wishing to be taught in Portuguese).  You will learn both the massage techniques of Pinda massage as well as how to make the actual Pinda itself, mixing a beautiful Valentine’s blend with rose petals and jasmin oil- just in time to offer clients a Valentines Day promotion! If you are interested in joining our workshop, contact us today and start promoting your Valentine’s Pinda promotion now!

For information, please contact 00351 282 762 606/00351 913211797 or email: 

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