Monday, 24 June 2013

A Mascara that lasts 2 weeks?!

At the Algarve Beauty Blog we were very excited to hear there is a new mascara from the US available here that will last for 2 weeks...our thoughts were does it really work? and where can I get it?!!

'CryBaby' semi permanent mascara is applied professionally by trained technicians adding volume, colour, curl and length to your lashes. It is 100% waterproof/smear proof so ideal for those gym bunnies or water babies amongst us. As the treatment is custom mixed for each client the final look can be tailored to your style, from natural to super glam.

Well, we tried it's amazing! Went for quite a natural look but it definitely defined the eyes and makes you feel smarter some how, and lasted a little over 2 weeks. It was so nice to be able to be able to forget about applying mascara every day and get out the sea without the dreaded panda eyes! As it has to be professionally applied it is not the cheapest option so wont be for everyone but as a less expensive, maintenance free, more comfortable choice than extensions or tints it is definitely a winner in our books.

There are currently 3 qualified technicians in the Algarve, click through to the Beauty for Professionals site to get the contact details and book an appointment to try it for yourself, you never know, you may convert for life!

Any beauty professionals, you can also visit the Beauty for Professionals site to request information on becoming a technician and offering the treatments yourselves.

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